Common Mental Health Disorders in Children

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Many people have a misconception that the risk of mental health issues is limited to adults only. The day-to-day stress and constantly changing environment and behavior of the people are responsible for mental health disorders among children. No doubt, mental health disorders are common among adults but nowadays they are also common in children. People of almost each age group experience mental health disorders for a variety of reasons. 

The high risk of mental health disorders in children makes it tough for the parents to keep their children protected and prevent the risk as much as possible. Many times even after proper care, and attention children have to face mental health disorders. This makes it essential for the parents to find the right treatment for the disorders and help their children deal with the disorders.

 As protectors, parents, teachers, and other family members of children do everything possible to keep their little ones happy, joyful, and healthy. But regrettably, society, genetics, as well as trauma all play a crucial role in the evolution of mental health disorders among children. This makes it essential for them to understand mental health disorders perfectly so they can take the right action to help their children. Some mental health disorders that are common in children are mentioned below. 

Common Mental Health Disorders in Children

Eating Disorders 

An eating disorder is a type of mental health disorder that involves intense attitudes as well as emotions. It is a type of mental health disorder in which children behave unusually special with food. An eating disorder is also related to weight. It involves illnesses that result in serious changes in the child’s diet and his/her interest in food. 

In such type of mental health disorder, some children eat food in extremely large amounts, while others eat very less. Children with eating disorders become very demanding. They also experience low self-esteem, mood swings, fatigue, overthinking or no thinking, irritation, etc. 

Anxiety Disorders 

Anxiety is a type of mental health disorder that is highly common among children. Children with such type of mental health disorder respond to particular changes or situations. They feel unsecured and experience fear and dread. Children with an anxiety disorder also experience physical signs of it. High nervousness, sweating, and heartbeat are some common signs of this type of mental health disorder among children that must never be ignored. 


Just like adults, children also experience depression due to one or many reasons. It is another very common mental health disorder in children. Such type of mental health disorder affects the lives of children in different ways. Children with this disorder usually start losing interest in life. They start to prefer living alone and avoiding crowded places. Feeling hopeless, sad, or irritated most of the time, are some common signs of this type of mental health disorder. Children with it also experience unexpected changes in their energy, sleep patterns, interest, and eating patterns. They also feel guilty, worthless, or useless.

Learning Disorder 

Learning and communication disorders is a well-known mental health disorder that affects the learning ability of children. Children with such disorders experience problems with processing information and learning new words, and things. It becomes tough for them to store the information and relate their thoughts as well as ideas. Such children also sometimes experience difficulty in reading sentences properly. It is tough for them to catch new words and write down the sentences or words properly. 

Many times children with such symptoms are patients of Dyslexia. Hiring a professional Orton Gillingham tutor for such children is one of the best ways to help them improve their skills as well as get the right treatment. Such experts use their experience to help children improve their condition. Such professionals provide the right environment for children with mental health disorders and/or dyslexia and help them control their condition. 

Social Anxiety Disorder 

Social anxiety disorder is also known as social phobia. It is a type of mental health disorder that usually occurs when children have an intense, overwhelming fear of crowded places, social gatherings, or social performances. In such type of mental health disorder, they avoid social gatherings, meeting new people, interacting with people in crowded places, and starting a conversation. When not provided the right treatment on time, such children further find it tough to make new friends and get involved in social activities. 

Final Thoughts 

No matter, what type of mental health disorder a child is suffering from, or what gender or age he or she is, what counts most is, to make sure that the signs of mental health disorder will not be left ignored and the child will be provided the right treatment from a professional. Providing the right treatment helps to control the condition and prevent it from getting worse.