Fear Is Pfizer's Financial Fertilizer

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By now, you’ve probably heard there’s a new COVID variant making the rounds, and it’s said to be “the most transmissible” variant to date. To hit the proper emotional note where propaganda becomes effective, the new variant, XBB.1.5, was quickly dubbed the “Kraken,” which is a moniker referring to a legendary sea beast that could not be defeated. As reported by NBC Chicago:1

“A highly contagious ‘recombinant’ variant composed of two different BA.2 strains, the ‘kraken’ variant has quickly become the dominant form of COVID in the U.S. and is continuing to spread nationwide. Also known as XBB.1.5, the variant quickly rose to prominence as experts say it is more contagious than many of its predecessors.

‘It went from 4% of sequences to 40% in just a few weeks,’ Dr. Ashish Jha, White House COVID czar, tweeted last week. ‘That’s a stunning increase.’ Jha said the variant is likely more immune evasive, even ‘more than other omicron variants.'”

There’s nothing particularly noteworthy, and certainly nothing scary, about this new variant. Despite the hype at the beginning of the article, NBC actually makes this plain in a later paragraph where they quote the Chicago Department of Public Health commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady:2

“Arwady noted symptoms haven’t changed with the new variant, though she noted that symptoms similar to the flu are less common … ‘COVID is showing up very much like it already has. I think, if anything, we are seeing it a little bit less likely to have the more severe symptoms,’ Arwady said.

‘Definitely people get the severe symptoms still … But more often now we are seeing people … just have cold-like symptoms, less likely to have those flu-like, really feeling very sick, the high fevers.'”

‘Rise of the Kraken’ Is a Baseless Fear Campaign

In other words, this is an entirely baseless fear campaign. The primary “novelty” about the scary-sounding Kraken is that it causes MILDER symptoms than the already mild symptoms of Omicron and its sublineages.

This is entirely logical, as XBB.1.5 is a recombination of two Omicron strains, and as Dr. Dennis Cunningham, medical director of infection control and prevention at Henry Ford Health in Detroit told NBC Chicago:3

“The omicron symptoms have been pretty consistent. There’s less incidence of people losing their sense of taste and smell. In a lot of ways, it’s a bad cold, a lot of respiratory symptoms, stuffy nose, coughing, body aches and fatigue … I haven’t seen anything suggesting that this new subvariant [XBB.1.5] is clearly making people sicker.”

A runny nose was the most common symptom of the BA.2 (Omicron) subvariants that the “Kraken” is made up of. So, this is more ado about nothing. But could we expect anything less? Behavioral scientists have long known that fear of contagion make people both intolerant toward others and compliant with authority.

As such, fear is an indispensable social engineering tool, and we already know The Great Reset pushers need the pandemic to keep chugging or else their plans will get seriously hampered.

Big Pharma also needs people to remain in fear in order to keep sales of their useless COVID shots going. Ironically (although perhaps it was planned this way), the more COVID shots you get, the greater your risk for infection.4 So, the shots have quite literally become the foundational drivers of the pandemic.

More Shots Result in More Infections

In the video above, posted January 4, 2023, former nurse educator John Campbell, Ph.D., reviews some of the latest evidence showing that the more mRNA COVID shots you get, the more likely you are to get infected. The study5,6 in question was done by the Cleveland Clinic, which assessed outcomes among its 51,011 employees.

In summary, they found that, compared to the unvaccinated, workers who had received one dose were 1.7 times more likely to test positive for COVID during the three-month study. Those with two doses were 2.63 times more likely to test positive, those with three doses had 3.1 times the risk, and those with four or more doses were 3.8 times more likely to get infected.

So, it’s not hyperbole to say that these shots are “useless.” They’re actually less than useless, seeing how they have negative effectiveness. The graph below, from the study, clearly illustrates how the risk of infection rises in tandem with each additional dose.

The bottom black line represents the background risk (the risk among the unvaccinated population), and the colored lines above it show the number of infections that occurred depending on the number of doses received.

bivalent covid-19 booster

Boosters Only 30% Effective Despite Strain Match

Overall, the Cleveland Clinic study7 concluded the bivalent booster shots were only 30% effective in protecting against SARS-CoV-2 infection. For reference, 89% of employees received the Pfizer jab and the rest received Moderna. No other brands were used.

Perhaps the most important detail here is that the mRNA in the bivalent boosters matched the Omicron strains in circulation, so the shots were not mismatched (as often happens with the flu vaccine). Yet, despite being perfectly matched to the strains that were actually causing the infections, the boosters were only 30% effective.

By extension, that means their effectiveness is likely to be even lower once the circulating strains change, which has already happened. By the end of December 2022, XBB.1.5 already accounted for 40.5% of all new infections, followed by BQ.1.1, responsible for 26.9% of new infections, and variant BQ.1 at 18.3%.8 Considering the increased transmissibility of XBB.1.5, it’s unlikely that the now unmatched booster shots will offer much protection at all.

As noted by Campbell, at the beginning of the pandemic the World Health Organization required any qualifying “vaccine” to be at least 50% effective, yet now everyone is perfectly content to settle for boosters that are only 30% effective — and that’s in addition to increasing the risk of infection with each dose given.

Natural Infection Still Offers Best Protection

What does offer protection? Natural infection. The Cleveland Clinic did find that natural immunity lessens over time, as new, more immune-evading variants become prominent, but recent natural infection offered good protection. The graph below shows the likelihood of getting infected depending on if or when you were infected with COVID previously.

bivalent covid infection

Those with no previous history of COVID infection had the highest risk of infection during the study period. Day zero was September 12, 2022, which was when the bivalent booster began being offered to Cleveland Clinic employees.

Those who had previously been infected during the pre-Delta and Delta phases of the pandemic had the next-highest risk. Those with the lowest risk of infection (meaning they had the greatest protection) were those who had previously been infected during the Omicron BA.4/BA.5 wave (the most recent wave), followed by those who’d been sick during the earlier BA.1/BA.2 wave.

Excess Deaths and the COVID Jab

In related news, Sally Beck, writing for the British website The Conservative Woman (TCW), recently highlighted Edward Dowd’s work on excess deaths statistics, collated and published in the book “Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022.” Beck writes:9

“Former Wall Street executive Edward Dowd … has been dissecting excess mortality statistics recorded since the COVID pandemic began three years ago. He has analyzed and reanalyzed the numbers and has concluded that excess death rates, in those aged 26-41, are closely related to the administration of COVID vaccinations.

‘From February 2021 to March 2022, millennials experienced the equivalent of a Vietnam war, with more than 60,000 excess deaths,’ he said. ‘The Vietnam war took 12 years to kill the same number of healthy young people we’ve just seen die in 12 months.’

This 12-month period covers the COVID vaccination rollout for that age group so in theory we would have expected to see a decrease in excess mortality, not an increase …

Comparisons with normal years was key. All-cause mortality remains relatively constant, and in 2017, 2018 and 2019 around 2.8 million Americans died. Figures spiked in 2020 (COVID), although less than you might imagine, but in 2021 the stats were off the charts.”

Young Americans Are Dying in Record Numbers

In a January 2022 press conference, Scott Davidson, CEO of the mutual life insurance company OneAmerica, shocked the world with his announcement that the death rate among working-age Americans was 40% higher during the third quarter of 2021 than prepandemic levels, and that these deaths were not due to COVID infection.10

Dowd described it as “an earth-shaking statistic,” as a 10% increase would be a 1 in a 200-year event. Davidson, too, stressed the unprecedented nature of the increase, stating that “40% is just unheard of.”11 From there, matters have only worsened.

Dowd’s research shows excess mortality among Millennials was 84% above baseline in the second half of 2021.12 Teens are even dying in their sleep nowadays, and at least two such deaths have been confirmed as being due to COVID jab-induced myocarditis,13 and, as reported by Conservative Woman:14

“The Society of Actuaries Research Institute (SOA) published their COVID-19 mortality survey report on 17 August 2022. It represented approximately 80% of the group life US revenues.

One of their tables showed clearly that excess mortality was 78% for the 25-34 age group and 100% for the 35-44 age group in the same quarter that Biden introduced vaccine mandates and corporate America complied.

Another independent source showed the same disturbing data. The Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Centre (CRC) and the Johns Hopkins Centre for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) tracked and analyzed COVID data worldwide.

They said that 68% of the world’s population was vaccinated and 13 billion doses administered. If they had been safe and effective, how could they explain that the highest death rate occurred after mass vaccination?”

Deaths Among Athletes Up Nearly 1,700%

While death comes to all, the most tragic part of this trend is that it’s young and healthy people who are being prematurely killed, including high-performance athletes.

Approximately 1,65015,16,17,18,19,20 professional and amateur athletes collapsed due to cardiac events in 2021 and 2022. Of those, 1,14821 were fatal. That gives us an annual average death rate of 574 for 2021/2022. For comparison, the historical annual average has been between 2822 and 29.23

How can an increase in athlete deaths of nearly 1,700%24 be explained? Is there another global environmental change that can account for this other than the sudden introduction and widespread uptake of experimental gene therapy? I can’t think of any.

Pfizer Pressured Twitter to Censor Critiques

Despite all the evidence showing the COVID shots are decimating populations around the world, Pfizer is hell-bent on keeping the booster train running. As previously reported, Pfizer quadrupled the price of its COVID jab in the wake of it being added to the U.S. childhood, adolescent and adult vaccine schedules.

Pfizer had forecasted expected revenues, and when demand for never-ending boosters started to drop off, they simply jacked up the unit price to make up the difference. The COVID shots are the company’s most profitable product to date, and it apparently doesn’t matter that they’re killing the user base. That should tell you something.

No criticism of any kind is permissible, as it might impact Pfizer’s bottom line. To protect its interests, Pfizer has even pressured social media companies to censor views on its behalf, including science-based opinions shared by actual scientists, researchers and even a former U.S. Food and Drug Administration chief. Evidence of this is found in the Twitter files released by Elon Musk. As reported by investigative journalist Alex Berenson:25

“August 27, 2021, Dr. Scott Gottlieb — a Pfizer director with over 550,000 Twitter followers — saw a tweet he didn’t like, a tweet that might hurt sales of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines.

The tweet explained correctly that natural immunity after COVID infection was superior to vaccine protection. It called on the White House to ‘follow the science’ and exempt people with natural immunity from upcoming vaccine mandates.

It came not from an ‘anti-vaxxer’ like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., but from Dr. Brett Giroir, a physician who had briefly followed Gottlieb as the head of the Food and Drug Administration. Further, the tweet actually encouraged people who did not have natural immunity to ‘Get vaccinated!’ No matter …

Gottlieb was a senior board member at Pfizer, which depended on mRNA jabs for almost half its $81 billion in sales in 2021. Pfizer paid Gottlieb $365,000 for his work that year. Gottlieb stepped in, emailing Todd O’Boyle, a top lobbyist in Twitter’s Washington office who was also Twitter’s point of contact with the White House.

The post was ‘corrosive,’ Gottlieb wrote. He worried it would ‘end up going viral and driving news coverage’ … Through Jira, an internal system Twitter used for managing complaints, O’Boyle forwarded Gottlieb’s email to the Twitter ‘Strategic Response’ team …

‘Please see this report from the former FDA commissioner,’ O’Boyle wrote — failing to mention that Gottlieb was a Pfizer board member with a financial interest in pushing mRNA shots. A Strategic Response analyst quickly found the tweet did not violate any of the company’s misinformation rules.

Yet Twitter wound up flagging Giroir’s tweet anyway, putting a misleading tag on it and preventing almost anyone from seeing it. It remains tagged even though several large studies26,27 have confirmed the truth of Giroir’s words.”

When in Doubt, Blame ‘Dangerous’ Ideas

Gottlieb also asked Twitter to remove a post by Justin Hart that said “Sticks and stones may break my bones but a viral pathogen with a child mortality rate of <>0% has cost our children nearly three years of schooling.”

That time, to their credit, Twitter’s Strategic Response Team couldn’t identify a “crime” for which they might justify its removal. Gottlieb was also a central instigator for Twitter’s banning of Berenson. According to Berenson:28

“Gottlieb’s action was part of a larger conspiracy that included the Biden White House and Andrew Slavitt, working publicly and privately to pressure Twitter until it had no choice but to ban me. I will have more to say about my own case and will be suing the White House, Slavitt, Gottlieb, and Pfizer shortly.”

When confronted about his behind-the-scenes correspondence with Twitter during an interview with CNBC host Joe Kernan, Gottlieb claimed he only asked Twitter to censor certain posts because he was concerned they might result in “physical threats” against vaccine advocates. He actually welcomes “respectful debate and dialogue,” he claimed.

Yet as Berenson notes, there was no insinuation of threat in Giroir’s tweet, or Hart’s for that matter. What’s more, in his email about Giroir’s tweet to O’Boyle, the only concern he raised was that it might drive news coverage in an unwanted direction.

The Truth Is Scarier Than Any Fiction

If we’ve learned anything these past three years, it’s that we’re in a propaganda war. It’s a war for our mind, and if the globalist cabal wins that war, all freedom will be lost too. This is why it’s so important to understand how we’re being manipulated.

Fear is a primary tool, and as demonstrated in the NBC Chicago piece quoted from at the beginning of this article, they know how to make something completely innocuous sound scary.

In this case, the mildest variant to date is simply given a scary-sounding name (the Kraken), the World Health Organization warns it’s the “most transmissible” to date, and anyone with even the minutest amount of worry about COVID will be off and running.

The fact that experts say it causes nothing more than a mild cold won’t even register at that point. Nor will data showing the “vaccine” is dramatically increasing their risk of the very thing they fear — infection — and killing loads of people to boot.

That’s what’s so crazy about it, but it just goes to show how effective this kind of fear propaganda is, and the actual danger of falling for it. Believing the propaganda — that the shots are “safe and effective” — can literally kill you. The sooner a majority of people realize this, the safer we will all be.


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