How to Be Eco-friendly While Living with a Disability

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At the rate our planet’s climate is deteriorating, it should be everyone’s responsibility to be adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. However, for a person with a disability, this is easier said than done. There are several factors to look into when making your home disability-friendly and more accessible. Luckily, there are various eco-friendly solutions to incorporate in your home that can benefit both the environment and aid any individual with a disability. 

Read on for ideas on how to make your home environment-friendly and accessible. 

Switch to LED Light Bulbs for Better Visibility

Naturally, your home should be well lit in order for anyone – especially a disabled individual – to move around safely. But leaving lights on for prolonged hours can lead to high electricity bills. Thus switching to a more economical option such as LED bulbs can be a big help. 

LED light bulbs are known to consume less energy, last longer, and be eco-friendly. While regular light bulbs last for up to 1,200 hours, LED bulbs can go up to 50,000 hours, which is quite impressive. With these, you can not only save money but also learn to be more environmentally conscious in your home. 

Swap Items for Renewable Options Wherever Possible  

It’s hard to immediately switch everything in your house, but gradually upgrading to sustainable items can make all the difference. Starting with cutting down plastic waste and replacing plastic items with paper or wood-based products. Opt for reusable bags when buying groceries or shopping for household items. 

You can even upgrade your wardrobe and look for sustainable clothing options online. There are a variety of sustainable retailers providing eco-friendly fashion, from organic underwear clothing and loungewear to formal dresses and more. 

Use Bamboo Flooring to Boost Accessibility

Bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly and durable replacement for hardwood flooring. People using wheelchairs require smooth surfaces to easily move around and bamboo flooring is an excellent way to achieve that. On top of being durable, low-maintenance, and convenient for those with disabilities they also elevate the appearance of your home. With bamboo flooring, you get the best of both worlds; accessibility and eco-friendly. 

Invest in Draft-blocking Pillows and Block Drafts

Draft-blocking may result in raised surfaces that can create hurdles for those with mobility issues and disabilities. However, there is a cheaper and effective solution to this problem without having to spend on modifying your door. Draft-blocking pillows are often used to cushion gaps between doors and windows and can be easily removed when cleaning or to let a disabled person through. 

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