Mental Illness: Signs You Should Not Ignore

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Mental health is usually paid less attention than it deserves. Due to the presence of stigma, many people still ignore mental illness. Even today, some people connect mental illness with the mental stability of the person. This is also one of the major reasons that people avoid consulting psychologists and mental health experts even when they must be hired on time and are required the most. 

The fight against mental illness can become easier only when each person understands its effects and will start paying good importance to it. Mental health disorders are usually faced by almost all of us. They are more common than we think. With the development of mental health products and apps in the market, people have started paying some good attention to their mental health. Many no more ignore it due to any stigma and keep track of their mental health to stay stable, happy, and healthy. 

Mental health conditions can develop in people of different age groups and gender. The best way to recognize bad mental health is attention to the signs of mental illness. Many times the signs of mental illness are quite clear, but we ignore them due to a lack of interest and knowledge. Some common signs of mental illness that you should not ignore are mentioned below. 

Extreme Mood Swings 

Extreme mood swings are common among those suffering from mental illness. People with mental issues usually experience high mood swings. It becomes tough for them to find a clear reason behind it. Their mood switches quickly as well as randomly and keep them irritated. No doubt, it is normal for many to experience a change in emotions daily. But dramatic mood swings are a sign of mental illness that not just causes a shift in behavior but also affects the energy of the person.


Anxiety is one of the most common signs of mental illness. The signs of anxiety due to mental illness include fast pumping of the heart, feeling of numbness, high breathing rate, etc. Those who have never experienced an anxiety attack but suddenly start experiencing it too often must pay the right attention to it. In such conditions, you must always take medical help and consult an expert to guide you the best. 

Prolonged Sadness

Being sad due to a bad day or some bad news or any unexpected incident is quite common. Such sadness is for short time. But when you experience prolonged sadness and i.e. without any particular reasons, then it is a sign that you are facial a mental health issue. Such a sign of mental illness is easy to recognize but must never be ignored for long. 



Many people with mental health issues love staying alone. They do not like the company of others and have no or least interest in social gatherings, meeting new people, going to crowded places, talking to people, sharing their views, listening to others, etc. They prefer isolation which is more than normal. When you start isolating yourself from social activities and others, without any particular reason and for a longer time, then it is a sign of mental illness that you must never ignore. Avoiding meeting people or choosing isolation is a sign of anxiety or other mental disorder that must be paid good attention to at the right time. 

Sleeping Too Much

Another common sign of mental health issues is too much sleep. No doubt many people love sleeping, but when you start facing difficulty with sleeping, either by too little or too much sleeping then it is a clear sign that your mental health is not perfect. High stress, fear, and depression, not just affect your mood but also your sleep. People with like depression, ADHD, and anxiety sleep more than others. Feeling too tired, low energy, and unexpected changes in sleeping habits are a sign of mental illness that must not be ignored. Using a good mental health app helps you keep good control of your sleep. It becomes easy for you to know about your mental health and take the required actions. 

Over Anxiousness

Over anxiousness is another sign of mental illness that must never be ignored. People with mental health issues usually find it tough to control their emotions. In such mental disorders, they experience excessive as well as persistent anxiety. Such people think a lot and also worry about events or activities that are ordinary. When you start worrying or experiencing fear excessively, then there are high chances that it is because of mental illness. 

Loss Of Concentration 

People with mental illness face issues with concentration. It is tough for such people to properly concentrate on one thing. Their frequent mood swings, and lack of interest, make it tough to focus on important matters as per their requirement. Such people also find it tough to cope with stress and build relationships with others. They start experiencing less ability to overcome the day-to-day challenges. 

Fatigue And Physical Pains 

Fatigue and physical pains seem to be common among athletes or those who exercise regularly. But they are also signs of mental illness that must never be ignored. If you do not do any heavy job or exercise but still have fatigue and physical pains due to uncleared reasons, then there are high chances that it is because of mental illness. 

Final Thoughts

People who experience any of the above-mentioned signs of mental illness or believe that they may have it should consult a medical expert or a mental health professional to improve their condition. Using the right mental health apps also helps such people control their condition and improve it as much as possible.