Pear Therapeutics expands partnership with outpatient addiction treatment clinics

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Spero Health’s 99 outpatient substance abuse centers will now have access to Pear Therapeutics’ reSET and reSET-O prescription digital therapeutics to help treat individuals with substance use disorder and opioid use disorder. 

The integrated healthcare services company previously used Pear’s prescription digital therapeutics in 14 Kentucky locations. 

Thanks to the expanded partnership, Spero will use Pear’s offerings throughout its locations in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

Pear’s reSET, a mobile application used to help treat substance use disorder, received FDA De Novo clearance in 2017. The Boston-based company’s reSET-O received 510(k) clearance in 2018

“Spero Health continues to find innovative ways with new technologies to bring solutions to our communities that have been devastated by drug overdose, and we are looking forward to our collaboration with Pear Therapeutics to pursue even better outcomes in treatment,” Steve Priest, Spero Health’s CEO, said in a statement. 


2022 was an eventful year for publicly-traded Pear Therapeutics.

In November, the company announced it entered into a contract with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to offer its reSET and reSET-O prescription digital therapeutics to Wisconsin residents with substance use disorder and opioid use disorder. 

That announcement came only four months after Pear’s SEC filing reporting 25 employees, or 9% of its full-time workforce, would be let go. The company said it needed to adjust to the larger economic environment and narrow its short-term business focus.

Three months before the layoffs, Pear launched a program to offer its reSET and reSET-O offerings via telehealth providers, with the first being Pursue Care, which focuses on addiction medicine. 

In a year-end piece for MobiHealthNews, Pear’s CEO, Corey McCann, said, “We were all forced to adapt quickly. Spend to grow was replaced by grow to spend. We’ve all been forced to focus on scaling our most core business.” 


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