What Does Gamification Add To eLearning?

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What is e-learning gamification?

Before we go into the function of gamification in e-learning, let’s define it. Simply expressed, it’s the concept of incorporating game-like aspects such as leaderboards, point systems, multiple levels, and badge awards into a non-game setting. The goal of gamification is to make something more appealing by allowing people to have fun with it. It has the potential to greatly boost user engagement if done correctly.

Gamification may also be utilized to improve a learner’s experience in e-learning. Leadership boards, for example, may introduce a pleasant element of competitiveness to e-learning courses, inspiring students to outperform their peers while still working toward their learning goals. Badges can be given to people who fulfill their objectives, incentivizing learners by recognizing their efforts. It also provides a pleasant tool to monitor student development.

In e-learning, there are several examples of gamification.

Active learning is encouraged.

Gamification encourages students to participate actively in their education by giving them several opportunities to engage with the material. Rather than passively receiving material, students may evaluate their understanding and receive immediate feedback.

Encourages lifelong learning

Gamification’s competitive feature can motivate users to improve their scores or advance to the next level, promoting lifelong learning. Users are also more inclined to return to a module if they believe they can improve their score, implying that they will remember the knowledge via repetition.

Making use of an avatar

Employees can use avatars to put themselves in a game. When everyone in the firm needs to go through fresh training at different levels, this sort of game may be quite useful.


Gamification using VR and AR, as previously said, is a terrific approach to educate dangerous scenarios without putting employees in danger. Simulators are also helpful for teaching in contact centers, engineering, and retail. First responders in the early phases of their training can utilize gamification in this fashion to make decisions or react to situations.

Gamification is a wonderful method for providing an immersive eLearning experience, as you can see in the included instances. It’s a very adaptable strategy, and using it will help you enhance your learning, work performance, and the more difficult task of behavioral change.

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