What Does Primary Disease Mean?

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A primary disease is one that arises spontaneously and does not have any connection with or cause before. The idea of this means you can get it directly, without having already been damaged by something else first-hand like an injury for example.

A primary disease is an illness that arises spontaneously and does not have any previous connections to other diseases. It can lead, however, in some cases towards a secondary one which has been caused by something else such as medication or even diet choices you’ve made before your original infection began developing Disorders are classified into types based on their cause: contagious (such as chickenpox), hereditary/inherited genetics patterns like sickle cell anemia, etc., neoplastic meaning derived naturally from cells including cancers but also certain infections where there might be cancerous cells present due To learn what all these terms mean check out our article here.

What Is the Medical Definition of Primary?

The medical definition of primary is when an illness or disease starts with your first symptoms. For instance, heartburn would be considered a ‘primary’ symptom because it’s the most prominent sign that something is wrong and needs attention immediately- not just more secondary ones like frequent headaches which may also indicate something deeper going on in our stomachs than we know about yet.

The medical definition of primary is when there’s just one thing that starts it all. When something has the first or foremost symptoms to which others may be secondary, occur as complications – these are primaries.

When a disease occurs without any prior history of it, this is known as primary. Primary diseases can arise in many different types of hosts and have the potential to affect both humans and animals alike. A common type seen with human beings is malaria tablets which offer protection via medication against future infection while also providing relief from symptoms after use has ended.

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