What Is The Best Online Education Platform?

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Whether you want to gain new marketable talents or just want to learn something new for pleasure, online learning platforms are an awesome and convenient way to learn on your own time. These platforms tend to be a little more flexible as an alternative to online universities.

They may even offer more unique or uncommon classes that you wouldn’t find at a typical college. Still, prospective students should weigh their options to determine which is best for them. Following is our best pick for online education platforms, along with some noteworthy mentions.


Coursera is more than simply a place to take college-style classes; it also offers real academic courses from real professors and universities at a fraction of the cost of an online degree. Over 200 colleges and businesses have partnered with the platform to create real-world learning experiences that can lead to real-world advantages. 

You can even gain certificates or degrees fully through Coursera in some situations, leading to professional perks such as increases, promotions, and more. Even if you aren’t interested in professional growth, Coursera provides hard and engaging programs on various topics, allowing you to explore hobbies you may not have previously considered.

Professors can create classes, publish videos, assign and mark quizzes and homework assignments, and other aspects that would be present in a “true” online college class using the platform. Each course is charged separately (the cheapest start around $30 to $40 and go up from there). 

In some cases, you can buy a master track or certification/degree program that includes several courses (and sometimes at a discount). For $399 a year, you may gain unlimited access to over 3,000 courses with Coursera Plus. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to an online college experience without actually enrolling in one.

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