What Was The First Identified Inherited Disease?

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DNA polymorphism was used to map the first genetic disease in 1983. Huntington’s is now one of many diseases known as Huntington disease. After an arduous, decade-long search that spanned the globe and involved 58 researchers from 6 different labs around the world–the gene was finally isolated in 1993. The collaborative work heralded not only a major breakthrough for those who’ve been searching but also changed how we view Huntington’s disease as it showed us what causes these awful diseases to develop rather than simply being attributed ” spontaneous” or caused by other factors such as diet or environment. 

In 1872, George Huntington gave the first complete description of a frightening yet fascinating disease based on several generations from one family who exhibited similar symptoms. He outlined their pattern as an autosomal dominant inheritance before Mendelian was elucidated years ahead of time!

What Is Huntington Disease?

Huntington disease is an adult-onset neurodegenerative disorder that affects individuals from childhood to old age. It follows an autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance, meaning there are no sporadic forms of the disease, and symptoms often present in midlife when it includes psychiatric disturbances or motor impairments with cognitive decline.

While symptoms can develop at any time, they often first appear between ages 30-40 with about 33% of cases being diagnosed before age 20 making it called juvenile Huntington’s disease. Symptoms are somewhat different if you have early onset or later stage HD because progression may happen faster in individuals who experience their illness earlier.

Huntington’s disease is one of the most serious genetic diseases that causes uncontrollable movement disorders. The Huntington’s Gene was discovered in 1983 and there are currently treatments available to improve quality of life for those suffering from HD, but it will take more research before we can cure this condition

Inherited diseases are genetic problems that can be caused by abnormalities in the genome. And thanks to modern medicine, these days you’re more likely than ever before to identify and cure what’s wrong with your DNA. The identification of our first inherited condition was something huge for medical science–and it has continued being helpful since then too.

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